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How it began... 

Currently, we are in our 24th year of operation at University Square Bakery and Deli, located on the corner of Gordon Street and Kortright Road in Guelph, Ontario.

Giovanni Stocco, opened up his first Grocery/Deli, Cheese shop 45 years ago in Guelph, Preston and Kitchener called “The Wedge.” Joe later moved to a new location that he and his partner opened up in downtown Guelph, which included a Bakery Shop. Learning the Craft of Baking over 25 years ago, University Bakery and Deli was opened in 1996 as a bakery retail shop with Groceries, Deli, Cheese, Pastries and Baked Goods

And now...

Currently, Giovanni works with his Partner and part-owner, Son, Regan. He also works with his next youngest son Jonathan, who is a pastry chef from George Brown College.

Our main area of expertise is baking fresh, preservative-free bread on a daily basis. We strive for excellence from white/whole-wheat loaves, to specialty breads, with an assortment of dinner rolls both small and large for all occasions.

With our growing business, we service and provide numerous wholesale restaurants, banquet halls, special occasion events and even grocery stores. Our ability to cater allows us the flexibility to create a food-service needed for busy day to day life. The specialty groceries and food are one of a kind only found in our store.

With a very local staff, Rose, our store front manager has been with us for all 22 years! The bakery employs 10 retail sales-people and 4 full time bakery personnel.

Over the years, our quantity of bread has changed along with our baked pastries and goodies, but we have always made sure the recipes have never changed.

Why would we change success?

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